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Gamification / Game-Based Learning

Would you like to transform a long and boring content of your company into an enjoyable learning experience for your employees? If the answer is yes, think about gamification and game-based learning! Gamification seen as the most effective e-learning method today. It is based on taking a content and integrating game mechanisms into it to enhance its effectiveness. It appeals to a new generation perspective that supports easy and permanent learning. Also it mostly creates higher participation rates and strengthens the corporate belonging of younger generations. Do not forget to contact us to see our gamified projects on orientation, institutional values, measurement & evaluation and sales training!

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic is one of the most modern and suitable e-learning production methods in this digital age. Combining visual designs with story telling, music and sound effects draws the attention of the learners in its colorful world and helps them to complete the learning process easily. Building up an attractive digital library for your company will facilitate business processes, improve your employees' performance and enable you to make saving in many ways.


Video-learning is an e-learning method that is created in the green box studio where the trainers are shot while they explain their subjects. Then, the video is enriched with graphic designs. We transform your content into enjoyable learning materials. We aim to keep the learner's attention at the highest level in the shots that are edited by our art director. If the outdoor shoot would support the content, we can also shoot out of our studio.

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