Learning Management System

for corporate training

User-friendly Design

Hi e-learning LMS, created based on human-centered design principles, aims that the contributions of both users and system admins to the corporate learning process are always high and sustainable. While it helps your employees to have a pleasant learning experience, enables system admins to maximize the time and effort savings by minimizing manual methods. Thanks to drag-and-drop method, you can add several e-learning metarials and reach all reports in seconds.

HR System Integration

After integration of the systems, Hi e-learning LMS fulfils significant details such as automatic user add-removal, course assignment and position changes without a need of an additional operation by the system administrator.

Detailed Reports

You can follow your employees' learning processes closely thanks to detailed reports that can be created in several headings such as person, department, position, and course. The statistics and graphical representations in the system help you in tracking the process.

e-Learning Creation Tool

Wouldn't you like to transform your own contents into the interactive e-learning metarils without the support of any e-learning company? You can add voiceovers, interactions and videos to your Power Point, PDF, Word documents. Just upload your documents to our LMS and packaged them in SCORM standard in seconds.

Online Exam & Survey

You can create exams to evaluate your employees depending on or indipendently of a course. After that, you can assign these exams to a group of employees you designate. While creating your exams, the system offers various prescriptions for you to be able to give proper results.

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